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Max Vityk, Silver Box Max Vityk, Behind The Green Door Max Vityk, Bicycle Secrets

Painting for me feels like a meditation. I often paint with my eyes closed - to let my subconscious mind in control”. - Max Vityk

Max Vityk’s oeuvre redefined the possibilities of life, in a unique way. His amazing painted works use vibrant colours and forms, which are blended together in a sculptured way telling mysterious stories. Max Vityk’s large canvases seduce us into a marvellous vision, which slides endlessly through your subconscious.

Through Max Vityk‘s world we are suspended between reality, dreams and contemporary tales.

Vityk depicts the lights and the soft breeze of the African nights and days with a playful narrative (Cairo Series). In addition the artist challenges the energy of painting modern life in full awareness of its great contradictions, (Egypt spring revolution Ukraine revolution) with a deep knowledge of the conventions of art and science. He paints those tensions making a stand for freedom. In his work the light – the enlighten and the good - fights against the tenebrous – the darkness and the evil – shining with power of unity. Softly we are immersing in a flux of sensitivity and tactile beauty, swiftly moving into intriguers’ imaginary spaces where everything seems so real and possible.

Max Vityk (b. 1964) is an American artist of Ukrainian descent. Max began painting in the late 1990’s, after getting a PhD in the Earth Sciences and working as a geologist in Texas. His primary education in geology and has greatly influenced his painting style to produce canvases with unique multilayered rock-like textures, energetic broad brushstrokes and naturally vibrant colours. Max has lived and worked in the US, Ukraine, Netherlands and in 2015 he moved to Cairo, Egypt where he opened his art studio.

Max Vityk’s work can be found in private, corporate and institutional collections worldwide.

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