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‘I have an interdisciplinary practice comprising photography, sculpture, drawing, video, and writing. I make all of my work in an attempt to situate and define the artist’s role in their interaction with others, be they collaborators or viewers. At its heart, my practice is about the complexity of relationships, dealing with themes of identity politics, therapeutic concepts, smothering, pedestalling, nurture and exploitation.’
Georgia Clemson

Focusing on the notion of ‘holding’ or ‘containment’ within a therapeutic context, and how she can apply this to her photographic subjects. Georgia Clemson’s Image-people (people in photographs) are as influential in the world as their living counterparts.
The artist’s groundbreaking and acclaimed new series Most of the time we are great together comprised works she created during her endeavour to reinvent the frame as a supportive structure.

The way these works are created makes the images inseparable from the emotions we experience with them as viewers.
Interested in the interaction between artist, artworks and the subjects of the artist’s creation, Georgia Clemson is considering questions:
By telling somebody else’s story am I bringing it to light, or speaking over them?”. In Georgia’s words, “If everybody has the right to tell a story, is the artist’s narrative speaking over its own subjects?” Moreover, do we create our own narrative to add in our experience of the work?
Art ultimately creates, something is born. Georgia Clemson’s artworks are born global, resonating timelessly, yet speaking a global new language.

Georgia Clemson is an emerging artist working and living in London, her work was recently published by Vogue and she will showcase her latest series during PARIS PHOTO week 2019 at the Carousel the Louvre with the gallery.

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2019 July featured in ‘RCA Photography 2019’ by
Chiara Bardelli Nonino for Vogue Italia
June RCA SHOW 2019 (MA degree show)
March ‘Speaking over’ Bloomberg New
Contemporaries 2019
February ‘Let it out, talk more’ Unit 6 Studio
February ‘Alpha-Theta’ Art Number 23
January ‘Auxilium’ PPS
2018 December ‘Femininity’ PPS
August RPS 100 Heroines (nominee)
June ‘Family of No Man’, Arles
May ‘Drawn Bodies’ publication on display
and sold at Offprint Tate Modern
January ‘Work In Progress’ RCA
2016 September 'This is not a Scam' 12o Collective
August 'SouthEastDrift' Peckham Pelican
August '30/30' 12o Collective
March 'Chronostasis' Bond House Projects
2015 October 'Life Cycle' Bond House Projects
October Q&A with Georgia Clemson featured
In 1Granary Magazine
April ‘30/30’ 12o Collective
2014 May ‘Show One’ Central Saint Martins
(BA Degree Show)