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Erin Solomons, Verstandesraum No. 3 Erin Solomons, Verstandesraum No. 3 Erin Solomons, Verstandesraum No. 8

“My research into traumatic landscapes led me to photographers active in the Great Depression in America. Images from this era spoke of idealisations and frank observations about existence within a nation.” ​- Erin Solomons

Erin Solomons photographs the American West, seeking out those scarred features of this harsh, excavated landscape that could be said to metaphorically embody a human presence.

The photographic series Mein Verstandesraum uses bold, stark imagery of anthropomorphic boulders to consider the cyclical relationship between man and nature – how man influences his environment and how this in turn affects the human psyche.

In her artists' book of the same title, Solomons juxtaposes these images with psychological narratives that explore the intimacy of emotional needs. The partially concealed blind debossed typeface reinforces the physicality and texture of the landscape.

Erin Solomons (1986, USA) was born and raised in the American South. With a BA from Goldsmiths College and an MA in Photography from the Royal College of Art, Solomons is currently furthering her research into being, identity and landscape through a practice-based PhD with University of the Creative Arts, Rochester. In May 2015 her work was presented at Offprint, Tate Modern. Selected exhibitions include Royal West of England Academy, Bristol and Palazzo Barone Ferrara, Bari, Italy. Awards and shortlists include Towry Award for 'Best Installation' at the National Open Art Competition, Finalist in Photography for the Celeste Prize and 2016 winner at Photo London Magnum Award.

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