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''Nowadays, humanity and technology are merged together. We use technology as a mask in our life. We are represented by online avatars, we’re data. And there is a murky layer between data and reality.'' - Zhanna Bobrakova
Emerging Russian artist Zhanna Bobrakova fuses her art work and contemporary philosophy in relation as starting point of her creative process and practises across the discipline of photography and sculture (My Name is Legion). In her art prints she creates a juxtapositions of memories, personal experiences and technology (Mask) exploring the concepts of replication, repetition, rhythm and simulation.

In the series Attunement Zhanna Bobrakova looks for points of contacts between photography and sound «not by what it represents, but through establishing a sequence.» she explains. Echoing the works of Caravaggio she plays with strong contrast of lights and darkness, constructing images which evoke sounds.

In Reanimation the artist, who is taking inspiration from the oeuvre of Frida Kahlo and Magritte, blurs the line between visual conventions and self-consciousness examining the simple life- essential act of breathing.

Hypnotically anew Zhanna Bobrakova body of work captures suggesting viewing and thinking outside our formal boundaries.

Zhanna Bobrakova lives and works in Moscow she graduated from MA Photography at Central Saint Martins, 2015 in London, where she was based for few years. Zhanna Bobrakova merges contemporary philosophy and art in her practice and works across the concepts of simulation, replication and masking. Her work sold at Sotheby’s 2014 Art Auction. In the 2015 the Tate Modern selected her prints (Reach Out, Tate Project) where she exhibited her series of staged portraits inspired by the Tate collection. Her body of work has been widely exhibited in mayor museums and galleries across the globe and in 2015 took part at the Kokhi Muzhiris Biennale in India.

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