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Zatorski + Zatorski , Self portrait Zatorski + Zatorski,  Cordero

Zatorski + Zatorski are collaborative artists working predominantly in the areas of video/ film, installation, sculpture and performance. They body of work debates themes of mortality, transitoriness and belief.

After a 2-year expedition in Europe they returned to London in 2011 with the historic 120 year old Dutch Klipper De Walvisch (The whale), which they had resurrected and restored in the North of Holland. De Walvisch is a fully functioning sailing ship which also acts as a performance space, cultural vessel and functional artwork, now moored in central London. Aboard the ship Z+Z also run The Salon, a regular gathering at which artists, writers, musicians, performers, scientists and adventurers break bread and share ideas. It is through these curated Salon gatherings with formal introductions that many cross-disciplinary cultural projects have been born.

In 2013 they founded the not-for-profit production company “The Cultureship” to produce, curate and commission high-quality artworks with a maritime context, free to the public.

In September 2013 Z+Z curated the Mayor's Thames Festival in London, collaborating artistically on the large-scale “1513: A Ships' Opera” performance with artist Richard Wilson RA and curating/producing 6 major artworks by leading British and international artists.

Zatorski + Zatorski's body of work's has been exhibited at major prestigious galleries and museums including the Royal Academy, Tate and Whitechapel in London and is held in numerous public and private collections worldwide.

To find out more information in regards to the artists Zatorski + Zatorski please contact us we will be happy to answer all your queries.