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Vlasta Gary, To yhe sky Vlasta Gary, Revelation Vlasta Gary, Clandestine Relations

Vlasta Gary combines the classical visual language of photography with a strong contemporary aesthetic, placing the photographs somewhere in between the present and the past, creating the sense of timelessness. She has become known for her daring and sensual portraits, always illuminating a rare kind of beauty. Vlasta has always been interested in the contrast of black and white, form and movement. Trained in prestigious University of the Arts London Vlasta developed her own aesthetic putting a modern twist on the classic art of photography.

Vlasta Gary works in different media, experiments in different artistic and social fields, and makes her art immune to reduce it to any fixed meaning or message. One of her latest work EQUILIBRIUM demonstrates the extraordinary in the ordinary of the spaces and places of every day life. Using ready-made recycled materials the spectator can experience the power of the sacred in our profane lives.

Her beautiful photograph have been exhibited and collected worldwide and her series SILK is showcased with the the gallery during the ARMORY SHOW week 2020 at Scope NYC.