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Romano Lotto, Asiago Romano Lotto, Venezia Romano Lotto, Circeo

“The most important thing that drives me to paint is really the emotion aroused by contact with reality, an emotion which becomes an idea that must be retained as long as possible until it is finally extinguished in my studio.” - Romano Lotto

For decades, Romano Lotto has been repeatedly retracing the terrains of Venice and Rome, each time encountering them anew.

Sharing an affinity with the work of De Kooning and Auerbach, Lotto has mastered gestural expressionism in order to return to the representative tradition of the landscape; breaking down the reality of what is seen, in order to reproduce the emotional experience of his first encounter with these scenes.

The depth and vitality of his impasto strokes communicate meaning and provoke intense feeling. This is evidenced in Lotto's use of colour and light: glowing shapes pitting themselves against compelling horizons to reveal lesser-known lagoons, plains and manmade environments.

Through the language of paint, Lotto has become an interlocutor between the landscape and his audience.

Romano Lotto (1932, Dueville) lives and works in the eternal city of Rome, Italy. The roman archaeological fields together with the landscapes of Vicenza and Venice, where he grew up, inspire a large part of his body of work. His mastery of painting was nurtured at an early age; when he was 14, Lotto began a six-year apprenticeship in traditional techniques and modernist art history with painter Renato Peretti. Following further studies in Padua and Venice, Lotto then went on to train with Oskar Kokoschka and Emilio Vedova in Salzburg. Since his debut at Rome's Marzotto Prize in 1953, Romano Lotto has exhibited his work widely, including at the 54th Venice Biennale within the Padiglione Veneto (Veneto Pavilion) in 2011.

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