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‘Photography has therapeutic value. I am interested in capturing today people's stories like a memento to cultivate, on setting the jump –start point for a dialog, which extends to everybody.’ - Michele Cirillo
With an oeuvre that suggests a deep connection with people’s stories’ Michele Cirillo art-photographs witness today world. What we see through his lens is both the complexity of a particular place in time and the simplicity of the emotion that moves us to look further. Colours, lights, darkness, composition and the high quality of the final print are of high importance in Michele Cirillo’s work; although his aesthetics does not compromise the genuine emotions hover form the photographs. Each of his series, spanning from the playing children in Palestine to an albino boy in Tanzania, are directly concerned with exploring the uneasy boundaries of society, cultures and concepts opening a window on solidarity and beauty in every shoot.

The artist is interested in the extent to which his photographs resonate with the viewer, hoping for a therapeutic and soothing way to the world. He reaches out for dissolving the distinction between who is the subject of the work and the viewer; he sees all photo-shoots as a whole, without division, as he looks closer and unrestingly, creating an inspiring journey to explore to the full.

Michele Cirillo (1988 Naples) approached photography at age 14, where he started taking pictures with a Pentax a photographic device loaded with a roll of film. Since then his uncompromising passion for discovering and exploring different regions and cultures took him travelling extensively from Palestine to Tanzania. Cirillo, who has worked as reporter with the Italian Red Cross and the corporate group LVMH at Fendi, collaborated with several Italian and international magazines and most recently (2016) won the first place at the Moscow International Photography Awards - MIFA. in November 2017 Michele Cirillo photography won the first place at Hermitage Museum for photography projects.

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