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Mariana Bersten, Gualicho 15 Mariana Bersten, Gualicho 9 Mariana Bersten, Gualicho 4

“These secret stories, oral stories, that people whisper to each other - I turn them into images that cannot be erased.” - Mariana Bersten

With a keen emphasis on how personal history colours the story of a place, Mariana Bersten's luminous photographs are particularly attentive to the underlying female narrative.

Ritual and the female form play a central part in much of Bersten's oeuvre, whether inferred through human absence (Gualicho) or documentary observation (Coney Island). Poignantly beautiful, her perfectly composed images delicately convey memories that hint at a mysterious undercurrent.

Photography, for Mariana, is a stage, upon which every colour conjures a feeling; her employment of soft translucent light expertly crafted to create a “diaphanous dream diary.”

Mariana Bersten (1975, Buenos Aires) began her career as a photographer in New York, where she studied at the International Centre of Photography and the Empire State College before moving back to her Argentinian home-city. During those 11 years in New York, Mariana refined her exquisite technique working for prominent photographers such as David LaChapelle. Among Mariana's numerous awards is a first prize from the New York State Museum. Exhibitions include the International Center of Photography, New York; Centro de la Imagen, Mexico; Tokyo Art Fair; and La Pinta Art Fair, London. Her work is held in numerous public and private collections worldwide.

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