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Maria Aparici paints directly onto the canvases and never pre-plans her work. Each execution is a reflection of the world as seen through her eyes and will vary depending on her mood.

She creates spontaneously simple yet complex shapes. Fluctuating between Expressionism, Abstract and Figurative, Aparaci’s body of work depicts colorfully depicts a universe of playful enjoyment. Painting with traditional craftsmanship (oil paints) the artist takes risks in her action-painting composition. Her methods vary until she gets to a tightly interworked link between the forms, gestures, viewpoints and nuances in a unified surface. Inspired by the history of European art, and in particularly by the great Goya’s works nearest to her own Spanish roots, the artist mixes in her pieces influences by De Kooning.

Maria Aparaci did not start her artistic career until later in life. After obtaining an Associate's Degree in Interior Design from Parsons New School in New York in 1992, she received a master's degree in Fine Arts from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid in 1998. In 2009 she became a Saatchi Showdown Winner and in 2016 she received an Artist Recognition Award from the Museo D'Arte e Scienza di Milano. A number of her works are placed amongst several international private and corporate collections.

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