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Kevin Graham, Perfect-Strangers Kevin Graham, Memories Kevin Graham, Starfish

Kevin Graham (b. 1981 Boston, USA) is a Miami-based artist whose work focuses on the juxtaposition between the urban architecture, the natural environment and the human interactions within. Through his lens Kevin Graham explores the world, providing a unique prospective, which enables an emotional response, suggesting perhaps a more profound yet playful and ironic view of the world. The artist’s process not only involves photographing and editing, but experimenting with different media techniques.

Photography, a passion of his since his childhood, took a professional turn in recent years and his body of work has evolved successfully into a unique art. Aerial, portraiture, and landscape; the styles, which he has adopted, utilizes vibrant colors combined with mystical shades to evoke movement and breath life out of each and every photograph. Kevin Graham travels extendedly for his photography projects, which are now showcased and sold worldwide.

Kevin Graham works have been placed in private international collections and exhibited across several emerging art project spaces of the contemporary art scene. Most recently he presented his art-photography pieces at Spectrum Miami 2017 during the Art Basel week and exhibited with the gallery at the prestigious Zsonamaco Foto 2018 in Mexico City and the Summer show 2018.

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