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Eriko Kaniwa, Intelligence  of Nature 2 Eriko Kaniwa, Spiritual Landscape 3 Eriko Kaniwa, Nautilus Universe 3

It is my hope that by building on the concepts of nature that have been passed down across generations in my native country of Japan, we will together be able to sense something, and compose a story, then I will be so happy. Eriko Kaniwa

Eriko Kaniwa’s (born in Tokyo) fine art photographs are centred on the philosophical relations between the natural and the human condition. Photography itself is for the artist beauty and art, which overcome the obstacles of language and distance, allowing us to experience, express, and share a feeling of respectful awe, as well as the moving realisation that human beings exist as just one part of planet Earth.

Eriko Kaniwa’s conceptually defines her own medium, photography, as part of the message of her work. Photography is a way of experiencing life in a profound way, by stimulating the senses through visual aesthetics.

Eriko Kaniwa is a Tokyo based fine art photographer. After graduating from university, she worked as a producer at a major Tokyo television station before studying photography independently. In addition to exhibiting photographs in individual and group shows and continuing to work as a photographer, she has explored alternative education, cognitive science, depth psychology, and art communication.

In 2014, she began developing a workshop program that applies the potential of photography to aesthetic education. She presented the program at domestic graduate schools, foreign-owned firms, international conferences, and think-tank- style business schools, and received positive feedback from over ninety percent of participants. The first photo book “JOKEI: Symbols of Nature Worship, Sacred Places in Japan.” published in 2017, was highly awarded as the one of the best fine art photo books by multiple international photography awards. Moreover she is the Neutral Density Photography Award 2017 1st place, Gold star awarded in Fine Art winner and Sony World Photography Awards 2017-2018 Commended Photographer to mention few.

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