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Emma Tod works with a variety of media encompassing painting, photography and the moving image. She often uses humour and the absurd to question and disrupt hierarchies and value systems that have become normalised.

Her current series of paintings reference images from newspapers, stills from television documentaries and news coverage that depict scenes of conflict, violence and destruction. She is interested in how visible or invisible these often dramatic or catastrophic events are to us. The painting process becomes an attempt to address the difficulty of making sense of the ethical, political and social and complexities of such events.

The works are made in series, using a limited palette and during the process chance, accidents, uncertainty and intuitive decisions play an important role. Thus the subject or starting point begins to recede (and return) to the surface, and questions about the nature of painting itself are brought to the fore. Repetition and layering are used to resist a singular reading as is the blurring and redefining of the

Emma Tod studied Painting at Falmouth School of Art before gaining her MFA in Fine Art Media at the Slade. She was selected for the
'bloomberg new contemporaries' and was a founding member of Gasworks Artists’ Studios. She has exhibited extensively in the UK and abroad, and has attended residencies in Budapest and Cape Town. Her films have been screened at national and international festivals and the ICA, London. Emma is an Associate Lecturer in Fine Art at Central St. Martins and Southampton Solent University and lives and works in London. Her body of work has been exhibited internationally and lately at the Royal Academy in London.

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