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Emanuela Santini, MicroScape I Emanuela Santini, Figure II Emanuela Santini, MicroScape II

“The memory is an essential part of my being and creativity. My motivation, inspiration and the backbone of my work. Memories open the door to new sensations, to what is happening now." -Emanuela Santini
The characters in Emanuela Santini's artworks tell us something about the human condition. Drawing on theories from psychology, the artist channels her memories in order to make sense of the present.

Embroidering her past onto fabric or stitching between the lines on a page, Santini references the concept of Bibliotherapy and the psychological process of reading. How do the books we read influence our own experiences? How do we align our own stories and relationships with those that we read? Might the empathy of stepping into the shoes of another stimulate the imagination and allow for new insights?

By reflecting on her own experiences and those of others whom she encounters – in literature and in real life – Santini offers up new visual narratives for us to read. Her delicate pieces invite us into powerfully emotive worlds that reflect reality, whilst questioning what we perceive to be true.

Emanuela Santini (1976, Pula) is a London-based Croatian artist. Following an MA in Fine Art: Drawing at University of the Arts London in 2008, Santini has exhibited her work widely in museums and galleries in Croatia, Spain, Estonia, London, Slovenia and Poland. Her work is held in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Rijeka, Croatia. Santini is currently developing a new body of work that investigates her artistic intentions through the lens of psychoanalysis as part of a practice-led PhD at Middlesex University in London.

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