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Each time I make an image my eyes are talking to my brain, asking it to justify what I see through the lens before I push the button’
- Dan Nathan

Dan Nathan’s (born London 1963) art photography body of work is inspired by the duality of the human condition, strong and unique yet mysterious and fragile, reflecting the majestic marvels of our natural planet.

Dedicated to photography since his early college years, Dan Nathan at first worked as film director, achieving a successful career (Gold Lion at Cannes, a Silver at the Creative Circle Awards and a Merit in the USA Art Directors awards among others) to discover again the beauty of photography. For his projects the artist travels extensively to far away and solitude lands, in search of visual or cerebral connections.

Working solely in black and white, he creates simple, yet complex abstract images from otherworldly environments.

His approach to photography is in part derived from his work as a director; his images are reminiscent of establishing shots in movies. He waits, watches and revisits the landscapes to find the most arresting angles, light and tone.

For his latest series of works entitled ‘Hidden’ Nathan spent days lying underneath three tons of melting ice in temperatures of -10•c on Lake Baikal in Siberia. This series is a continuation of his previous series entitled ‘Paraland.’ His on-going approach to photography focuses on visual connections from diametrically opposing landscapes. (The Sahara Desert and the border between Arizona and Utah, USA)

Dan Nathan’s large-scale prints have been exhibited and sold in UK and his high quality work is causing a stir with collecting connoisseurs. Moreover The List, Creative Review and British Journal of Photography to mention few lately published the artist’s successful projects.

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