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With digital montage techniques and reference to 19th century’s painting, Barbara Nati’s work gathers layers of meaning that can be traced to deeply seated collective memory.
Even though these layers allude to the realm of physical experience, they diverge from tangible reality into the realm of the enigmatic.
Every setting, as a matter of fact, unleashes a visceral response by the viewer who is asked for a rational interpretation through a gloomy metaphor of the upcoming future.
In her attempt to analyse the chaos reigning underneath the surface of existence she combines conceptually interesting visual landscapes that blur fantasy and reality.
Barbara Nati’s oeuvre lies beyond what is commonly intended as photography, mostly standing out for its estranging effect. Her profoundly lyric investigation takes shape through skilful use of digital and technological tools. Her language always hovers between poetic and ironic,
delivering essential ethical messages, with a particular focus on environmental issues.

Nati’s discordant yet strangely beautiful images express premonitions of a coming end, survival, and ultimately the genesis of a new civilisation.

Barbara Nati, born in1980, is an Italian artist, living and working between Britain and Italy.
She took classes at Parson School of Design, New York. She has since established an international reputation for her complex compositions-hybrids.

She was awarded the Bridgeman Studios London People’s Choice Award in 2018, the Ashurst London Art Prize Employee’s choice award in 2015, the Andrea Mantegna Prize in Mantua in 2014 and the Renaissance Art Prize by the Italian cultural Institute of London in 2010.
She has exhibited at several Art Fairs including MIA Milan Image Fair, Asia Contemporary Hong Kong, Art Verona and in London.
She has been a resident artist at European Artists in Olofström, Sweden and Digital Arts Studios in Belfast. Her work is collected worldwide.

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