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Alejandro Plaza, Agatha Rose (So Warhol, So Rose)  Alejandro Plaza, Agatha 1- Blow your mind Alejandro Plaza, MJ PLUSS (Echoes of a dance floor)

Alejandro Plaza’s body of work has, thus far, reached high temperatures.

After passionately researching the warm and colourful culture of his native land as well as traveling to Europe, where he was struck by the painting of the surrealists' movement. He found his inspiration in the vibrant forms and colours of the pop art, spanning from Andy Warhol to Lichtenstein. Plaza took a unique twist, merging his artistic flare with the kinetic art so popular down the Latin south.

After finding his perfect mediums in painting and pop sculptures, in which he immerses himself with dedication. Alejandro Plaza keeps emerging with fresh and powerful concepts. Pianos, sports cars, surrealistic views are all created and re-invented by Plaza, with his signature, unique and playful perspective. The explosive and resulting outcome mirrors the sparkling contradictions of our times. Objects and persona are transformed to a great extent, situating stories and their protagonists provocatively at their departure point.

We easily get taken back by looking at his paintings, yet is just a beginning of an energetic flux of intense viewpoints, stories, characters, places, and global icons. The emotive responses by the viewer to the quotidian pop culture of the glossy imaginary drives Alejandro Plaza practice, integrating his powerful works in our immediate familiarity.

His paintings and sculptures are collected - and exhibited- worldwide. They were sold out at the prestigious 2015 Golden Globe Awards, Viewing Party Auction, Miami, USA; establishing Plaza as one of the youngest and most talented artists of the contemporary art market.

Alejandro Plaza was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1989. After experimenting with pictorial techniques on canvas and board in Denmark, he returned to Caracas where he began to study illustration at the Institute of Design.

His work has been exhibited in major Venezuela’s galleries; it was part of the “El arte a beneficio de la vida de un niño” (Art for the benefit of a child’s life); Benefit auction for the Child’s Protection Foundation (FUNDANA), Caracas, Venezuela. (2014) and most recently of the Golden Globe Awards Viewing Party Auction in Miami, USA.

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