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​​​​​​​Tatawa’s art is an act of self-revelation through improvisation. Each artwork is a journal entry where outer influences are purged and inner responses are confessed.

The panting materials are cast onto the canvas and mixed together through spontaneous gesture. The artists absorbs herself freely in the act of painting before the artwork emerges with an unexpected coherence. Influences of sights and sounds are exposed: the colour of a object, the shape of a distant hill, the voices in the background, the piano playing next door. The process of improvisation allows each layer of influence to be shredded until the limitation of habit is revealed. This limitation is then challenged so that each painting is a set of broken habits.

Tatawa’s commitment to authenticity results in an unique style. Each work is an anew journey in which the artist truthfully express the fluctuation of current states.

Tatawa (born in Malaysia, 1991) is a mixed-media abstract artist currently based in Berlin. With a background in music composition, she completed her Master's degree in Music Technology at New York University. In summer 2015, while developing work on image-based experimental sound art, Tatawa started exploring the world of abstract painting – first collaborating with her teacher Gina Bonati and then experimenting on her own, drawing inspirations from the great Abstract Expressionists to today’s cross-disciplinary, multimedia artists.

​​​​​​​Tatawa is a young emerging talented artist, whose body of work has yet been exhibited and collected in New York, London, Barcelona, Florence and Berlin.

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